Food For All, Olio

Amazing Technology Made For People

30 May, 2023

For some, food waste is an inevitable part of modern life, but research indicates that throwing food away causes a feeling of physical pain for others. Many apps taps into the conscious consumer mindset to offer a food-sharing platform, connecting people with neighbors and local shops all over the world. Users add a photo and description of their item, indicating when and where to pick it up. Customers frequently donate fresh garden vegetables, bread from bakeries, and unwanted household food.


Currently in Boston & NYC at over 200 restaurants connected to Food for All! Simply choose the meal you want, pay through the app, go to the restaurant at the pickup time, and enjoy your meal as takeout. A delicious and fun way to do good for our planet by avoiding food waste. #JoinTheMovement!

Food for All eliminates last-minute restaurant food waste in Boston and New York City. It connects customers to restaurants one hour before they close, for meal discounts as high as 80 percent. Customers can enter their location and explore nearby deals, and they pick up their order at a time specified by the restaurant. Users can also donate food to people in need through the app.

Winnow seeks to minimize kitchen food waste through smart meter technology attached to a food waste bin. Using a touch screen, users enter the food type, specific product, and what kind of waste it has produced. Staff can then track major sources of waste and concentrate on improvements. Targeting chefs and commercial kitchens, the app has spread to over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Since 2013, Winnow claims to have saved its users US$21 million. Each customer saves 3 to 8 percent on food costs.

No Food Waste crowd-sources data on hunger spots in India to facilitate surplus food donations. So far, the app has identified 80 locations in Delhi and the capital region. Users themselves can mark hunger spots, which the team verifies and enters in their database. Users can also donate food or request the app to deliver the donation using its volunteer drivers. Usually, No Food Waste picks up the excess food for a minimum of 50 people. For fewer than 50 people, users drop the food at designated collection points or local facility centers. So far, No Food Waste has fed 500,704 people, saving 165 tons of food.

Wouldn't this be an awesome tool to spread eerywhere? Even in Romania?