About Us

carmen marina founder

Carmen Marina

CEO - Product Manager

Passionate of making technology work for people, finding solutions to reduce repetetive steps, work load and thus make room for creativity. No robot could beat us at it, right?

gabriela anton digital marketer

Gabriela Anton

Digital Marketer

Sistematic and determined, annoyingly curious in finding new ways to attract the right audience, cheaper, faster each day. Digital marketing has become her passion, very close to photography, Photoshop/Illustrator and video editing hobbies.

Tony Chhabada

Mobile Apps Developer Expert

From UX design to really fast mobile applications developing, followed by carrefull testing with amazing attention to details and determination to deliver above expectations. Tony masters Android Development both in Java & Kotlin as well as iOS Swift and PHP.

Many freelancers

Wide areas of needs

Each project might need specific skills and we are agile. We select best offers in specific timeframe to deliver various projects in time, at high quality.