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We build high-speed loading websites, beautiful and intuitive mobile applications, recruitment and work management platforms, CRMs, CMS, referral mechanisms, live dashboards that save hours of daily reporting and we solve many more digitization needs a company might have. We provide all the services needed to launch a digital product: from name creation, visual identity, necessary texts on the website, representative images, SEO, content marketing and digital marketing.

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Software and Digital Marketing Agency

We are an agile tech company born to automate repetitive steps to save our customers time and money. We develop custom web platforms, mobile applications, SEO, profitable digital marketing strategies, social media posts and campaigns, video channel management and smart emails.

Our vision and strategy are backed up by more than 14 years of business management experience and together with passion for automation using efficient tech stack mix are quickly put to use to solve our customers' challenges.

What We Did
Fresh roasted coffee eCommerce
software development, SEO, eCommerce
Fresh roasted coffee eCommerce

Ready-to-use online store. From Kaffein story with their 4 generations of quality coffee roasting experts to visiting coffee shops with a creative photographer, an expert in small space and prod...

Drive more app installs
mobile apps, digital marketing, app installs
Drive more app installs

With over a thousand new apps published daily, it's nearly impossible to stand out in mobile app stores. We help you optimize your ASO (App Store Optimization) performance and increase your app'...

Tech Community
tech events, tech news, tech professionals
Tech Community

Loginro believes that Romania has the potential to be one of the strongest tech hubs in the world and they built the first community of tech professional...

Custom Websites
custom websites, project management, CRM
Custom Websites

Creative and interactive website with a content management system built for our client's team that makes the content update process a very fast & eas...

Employer Branding & Digital Recruiting
digital marketing, candidates management, employer branding
Employer Branding & Digital Recruiting

Save important budgets through smart recruiting. A strong employer brand promotes the atmosphere/work environment and creates the desired perception among employees and potential candidates. Rel...

Shopper Satisfaction. Real time
custom websites, mobile apps, customer satisfaction
Shopper Satisfaction. Real time

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, survey management and real-time analytics to build a dialogue with each brand's customers. Often a reported prob...

Recruiting management automation
custom websites, digital marketing, marketing in HR
Recruiting management automation

Automating the recruitment process from easy candidate registration, job presentation, job application, job application management by status, dynamic user communication in every recruitment step...

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Business and tech
By Carmen Marina / 25 Nov, 2022
Ce este și cum funcționează Web Application Firewall (WAF)
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Un WAF sau un firewall pentru aplicații web este un dispozitiv de securitate virtual sau un serviciu cloud conceput pentru a proteja organizațiile la nivelul aplicațiilor prin filtrarea, monitorizarea și analizarea traficului prin protocolul de transfer de hipertext (HTTP) și protocolul de transfer de hipertext securizat (HTTPS) între aplicațiile web și internet.

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